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Call A Van Waste Management, Collection

Terms & Conditions (Nitty-gritty bits)

Don’t risk getting a hefty fine and a criminal record from having your waste fly-tipped by letting someone unscrupulous remove it. We are licensed by the Environment Agency as a Waste Carrier - Upper Tier. To check our credentials ‘TAP HERE’.

All bookings are subject to our eco waste clearance terms and conditions.

We do not accept food in a collection, without giving our prior approval for it's collection. We do not allow hazardous waste in any collections we make. If we find anything like this has been loaded onto the vehicle inside of black sacks or anything else. This could then incur you in extra costs for the removal from our vehicle of the offending material and if necessary where the removal of hazardous waste is concerned. Extra costs coming from a third party company as well.

We will not start a job or discontinue work on a job if we feel that any conditions in carrying out the job could endanger the public, our customers or us.

Waste must be easily accessible whether it’s inside or outside and this includes us being able to legally and safely park within 20 m (66’0”) of where the waste is located. The smallest vehicle used for collections is a 3.5 tonne GVW, with dimensions of, 6.0 m (19’9”) long x 2.0 m (6’7”) wide x 2.7 m (8’10”) high vehicle, plus it will need loading access as well. The further away from the job we have to park the longer the job takes.

If you have paid and booked online and as long as the waste is left in a safe and easily accessible location outside of your property, then you do not have to be present when we collect your waste.

Waste left outside for collection that is absorbent must be covered to keep it dry. An extra charge will be applied for removing absorbent waste that is wet with water or other fluid, whether it’s being removed from the inside or the outside of a premises.

All collections unless otherwise arranged have a standard loading time allowance of 5 minutes per 1 cubic yard. Additional loading time can be purchased in 15 minute increments at the prevailing rate when booking. Or for bigger jobs by the hour - minimum 2 hours.

If you think it could be difficult for us to access/load your waste you should alert us of this at the time of your order. This might include situations where the rubbish is out the back of the property and the only way to access it and to clear it is by bringing it through the property. Or maybe the waste has to be cleared from a loft or cellar.

We are still able to do this type of job but we would have to estimate the job for the extra time required to complete it.

Flexible Waste Clearances

Estimates will be fully corroborated when we arrive on site. If the waste seen then differs from what we have been informed about and we find there is more of it or if some or all of it is of a different composition, then we will re-estimate the job taking into account any differences found. Once the new estimate has been agreed with you and the extra amount paid for, the job can then proceed. In the event any extra waste or a different composition of waste isn’t paid for, then we will only clear the waste as per the original first estimate.

To cancel a job please let us know by 2:30 pm Monday to Thursday the day before the job commences. For Saturday, Monday or in the case of public or bank holidays, Tuesday job cancellations. Then jobs for Saturday, Monday or Tuesday cancellations must be received by us no later than 2:30 pm on the Friday before they are due to commence. Cancellations made for unforeseen circumstances and rebooked at a mutually convenient later date will incur an £18 re-booking fee. Cancellations received within the time as indicated by the terms and conditions above and that are not rebooked for a later date will incur a charge of £60 for the cancellation. Cancellations received later than 2:30 pm as indicated by the terms above will not receive a refund at all. This is to help cover the costs of lost work and administration.

In the the event we can’t do the job for the time it’s booked because of un-foreseen circumstances. We will complete the booking on the nearest mutually convenient time or date to the original booking as we can and if this isn’t agreeable between you and us, then we will refund any amount already paid by you for the booking.

Any amounts outstanding when a job commences. Must be processed as has been agreed between you and us, either before or on completion of the job. Unless otherwise agreed by us in writing.

Please contact us if you aren’t sure about anything contained in our Waste Management and collection terms and conditions.

When you are booking a job with us we acknowledge you have read and agree to our terms and conditions.

Last Updated 22 July 2021


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